Planning & Management Business

We will help you plan and manage your restaurant.

Restaurant Contract Management

Undertaking the whole management of the client’s restaurant is our “Restaurant Contract Management Service”.
From recruiting new staff, training, personnel administration such as work shift scheduling, purchasing products, promotion activities for attracting customers, menu and recipe development, sales management, and so on. We will come up with strategies and implement them for you.

Process of Planning & Management Business

1. Fill in the inquiry form.
2. We will contact you to make an appointment.
3. Interview with the client.
4. Discuss the plan/strategy. Estimate proposal.
-----No charge up to here-----
5. Start implementing the planning & management service.

The important thing is to “Listen to our client’s needs and ideas, discuss and deliver good results”.
Our experienced staff will be there to listen to your visions, time schedules, customer needs and come up with strategies.
During the interview, we will discuss financial and management condition of your restaurant. The contract will be drawn up according to this discussion.
You will have our support throughout the implementation period. Then we will review and suggest for further improvement.

Casual Wedding

Under our company’s principle, “creating happiness for those around us”, we plan to contribute to fostering new cultures and revitalize our town through wedding. We will help you plan and manage your original dream wedding party that are free of restrictions.

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event.
Imagine having your anniversary meal in a restaurant where you had your wedding, reminiscing about all your precious memories.
If you could bring your children and tell them “This is where mum and dad got married”. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?
It will be our pleasure to create a memorable wedding with you in our restaurant.

About the party


What we offer is a socializing venue with food and drinks. We have appropriate locations for different use.
We have planned and managed corporation parties, to teacher appreciation party for schools. We also plan and sort out products associated with wedding after parties. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

About the party


Restaurant Management Consultation

By introducing our original numerical management system, your finances will be clearer and easier to control.
It will replace the problems in your restaurant with numbers. Those numbers will be analyzed, which will help us to plan a calculated management strategy.
We will offer you a digitized logical improvement and restaurant management reform.

- Data creation/Management method proposal
- Improvement guide
- Profit analysis
- Strategy for sales promotion
- ABC analysis
- Attend company meetings

Management Solutions

We will analyze and verify financial and management conditions of your restaurant and clarify your strength and weakness.
Then we’ll summarize our key findings, information and strategies to improve various problems and implement them.
For profit decline solution, we will work on improving profitability by maximizing the profit, reducing costs and so on.
Tell us what you’re looking for and we will help you every step pf the way.
Details of solution consultation
Restaurant evaluation, local marketing, time schedule, solution strategy proposal and its implementation.

Menu Development

In recent years, customer’s needs for restaurant has become diverse.
Along with effective marketing strategy, we will come up with an appealing product development and menu plans.
Restaurant business has become very competitive and saturated. Therefore, increasing customer’s visiting frequency is the key.
We will develop a fascinating, strategic and long life menu for today’s fluid customers.
We will help you in any way from training chefs, developing recipes, preparation to vendors.
After proposing the food concept, we will start developing recipes.
Trial, sampling, recipe adjustment, introducing vendors and training.

In-house Training

Systematic and designed one on one training in one of our restaurants.
Actual work based learning system through OJT, including know-how, work flows, specialized job knowledge, techniques and so on.

Restaurant Start-up Support

Starting a restaurant requires various knowledge and experience.
Deciding the location, restaurant concepts, layout, menu development, attracting customers after the launch, etc. We will provide you the guidance and resources you need.

Don’t hesitate to tell us the kind of support you need.
- Planning and development
- Selecting products, equipment and vendors
- Business Plan
- Opening promotion plan
- Property/location assessment
- Menu development
- Interior design
- Train employees, creating manual
- Selecting contractor
- Creating menu, food photography
- Efficient kitchen layout
- Creating logo/Fliers/Name cards/Signboard

Consultation Flow

1. Fill in the inquiry form.
2. We will contact you to make an appointment.
3. Interview with the client.
4. Discuss the plan/strategy. Estimate proposal.
-----No charge up to here-----
5. Start consultation.